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Thursday, March 29, Students for Global Responsibility brought you, Globalization & Free Trade. I am sure you are wondering what happened.  Well, the meeting lasted from 3 to 5 p.m. Its purpose was to educate the Blair student and teacher body about globalization and free trade.  There were two speakers who touched on how free trade in Mexico is paying a woman one tenth the pay she would get in America.  They also talked about how free trade is making smaller countries give up their self sufficiency. The most shocking fact they mentioned was that our congress men were bribed with millions of dollars to get NAFTA passed! Overall, the teach-in gave a one sided, anti globalization and free trade point of view.  Nobody presented a well thought out argument.  The speakers placed a few examples on the table and expected us to believe that these examples stand for all situations.

The flyer that went around school last week said, "You've heard of things like the WTO, the World Bank, and NAFTA.  But what do these things do, and what is wrong with globalization and free trade?  Why do they threaten workers, the environment, and democracy around the world?  And what is wrong with the Free Trade Area of the Americas, the newest incarnation of the corporate free trade agenda?  Find out for yourself!"  The last sentence is key.  Click here to find some interesting information from various sources on-line.