Human Rights Campaigns

Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Rights Check out SMHAB's (Sexual Minorities and Heterosexuals at Blair) website and

Sleep Out for the Homeless

Feed The Streets - You can't get any more grassroots than this! Join SGR and SFSC (Students For Social Change) in making sandwiches and handing them out in DC parks!

Shepherd's Table - SGR is constantly conducting a toiletry drive. Last year SGR assambled hygiene kits during the Thursday meetings in room 215 after school.  These hygiene kits were donated to Progress Place in Silver Spring.  We need volunteers and contributions to continue this action. SGR is also collecting rice to donate to Shepard's Table. Earlier this fall, we collected over 60 pounds of rice.

Also, come sign up get community service learning hours at Progress Place.

Living Wage - SGR supports a living wage, and works in close contact with Progressive Maryland. Living Wage legislation for Montgomery County is close to being passed, and a Living Wage bill for all of Maryland is in the process of being formed. Check out the Progressive Maryland Website! (Interships are available for those interested...

Health Care For All - Every citizen deserves Health Care. Our state has the resources to pay for those who cannot. Check out the logical economics of Health Care for All. Legislation will be going up for vote this year! (Internships are available for those interested)

Globalization & Free Trade Teach In


Environmental Campaigns

Paper, Plastic, and Aluminum Recycling - Support Blair in its efforts to recycle.  Without school wide participation, recycling is not possible.  Use the recycling bins properly.  Prove that we can do it.  


Animal Rights Campaigns

We need ideas.  All you animal rights Blazers (I know you are out there), come give your input in our Thursday SGR meets. Don't be silent.