Group Picture - February 17, 2000 - Click us to view an enlarged photo!

Group Picture - February 17, 2000
Click us to view an enlarged photo

Wondering what SGR has done in the past?

During the years 1999-2000 SGR was being organized by strong and enthusiastic leaders.  They created a battery recycling campaign and a toiletry drive. They made it possible so that you could bring your used alkaline batteries and (unused) toiletries to room 215. Then students could go to SGR meetings to use SGR's battery recycling center and to help assemble hygiene kits for Shepherds Table in Silver Spring.

If you are just surfing, find out what other kinds of global change SGR made in the past. Check out these online Archive files.



Human Rights Campaigns

Environment Campaigns

Animal Rights Campaigns

Human Rights Campaigns

A16 World Bank / IMF Protest Archive

Progressive Montgomery - SGR does volunteer work for Progressive Montgomery in Silver Spring and supports their rallies. Come see what's new, click here. See Progressive Montgomery's home page.

Christmas in April - Repairing and fixing up a local house for a needy family. 

Environmental Campaigns

Council of Governments Sligo Creek Survey and Clean Up 

A Day For The Bay 2000 Earth Day Awareness Rally  

Pictures from last years rally are posted.

Animal Rights Campaigns